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Sheep that we breed

Sheep that we breed

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Carpenters Flock of Kerry Hill Sheep

 The foundation ewes for the Kerry Hills came from the Lax, Woodhouse, Pengelly and Penybont flocks, with a Downwood ram. Since then we have used a Woodhouse tup bought as a lamb and successfully shown, now 6 years old still being used on a few ewes to make use of his superb head and lovely short pasterns.

Our other rams are from the Cardington and Enfys flocks.  Cardington for his correct markings and clean fleece, and the Enfys for frame size. 

My aim is primarily to produce a good sheep that can rear lambs herself and needs the minimum of maintainance. The Kerry  rarely needs asistance during lambing, preferring to go off and manage on her own. She is a milky ewe and  fiercely protective of her lambs.  Our ewe lambs will either go into the Kerry flock as registered ewes or be offered for sale. Any good Kerry ewes with markings that do not comlpy with breed standards would be sold for commercial breeding or enter our own commercial flock and be bred to a beltex. Any wether lambs and  ewe lambs which do not reach the standard needed for a good breeding ewe go as fat lambs. Ram lambs are reared as fat, with only a handful kept as rams. 

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Wyndbrook Ryelands and Carpenters Coloured Ryelands

We have a small flock of Ryeland sheep, the last 2 years our lambs were by Oakberrow Tornado. This year they were by               . 

With the time involved in showing the livestock, the Ryelands have yet to hit the showring, but maybe in the future!  They are correct dark skinned well built sheep always producing chunky lambs which mature quickly and make good prices at market, grading at a U2/3.

This year we have had very few ewe lambs so they will be staying in the flock, but we have had numerous excellent ram lambs. 

Breeding stock is usually available. Please phone or email for details. 

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We have kerry and Ryeland fleeces for sale. Raw, rolled as they were taken off the sheep.

Also occasionally hand spun wool. 

Bags  of fleece ready for felting. 

Please email for details