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We rear our livestock in as natural and traditional way as possible. 

Other than the show animals, all the livestock is reared on grass in the summer and hay in the winter, cut from our own fields. They are not fattened with cereals. 

We use our traditional breeds and methods to preserve the unique habitat of rare wildflower meadows.

Our system is low input, using only farmyard manure as fertiliser and minimising the use of chemicals where at all possible.

This allows the diverse spread of wildlife over the farm to utilise the habitat without being endangered. 

We record  plant, insect and bird species regularly throughout the year........and have many rare ones!

We breed pedigree                                

Traditional (Original Population) Hereford Cattle

Kerry Hill Sheep

Ryeland Sheep

We sometimes have meat from all these breeds for sale, which can be bought safe in the knowledge that

  • the animal has been raised in as humane a way as possible and allowed to mature over time.
  • grass feeding ensures the meat will be full of healthy omega 3 fatty acids
  • the food miles will be negligable
  • because of the variety of herbs in the grazing IT WILL TASTE GOOD!